Monday, August 13, 2012

#10 Getting Amazing Customer Service!

Each of us have had problems with products or services that we've paid for, and sometimes it can be quite a challenge to get help.  We've all dealt with customer service representatives or associates that have been unhelpful, condescending and sometimes outrageous.  But sometimes you have interactions where not only are your problems fixed, but you walk away and tell ALL your friends about it! 

Just this past week I had an AMAZING interaction, which actually sparked me to write this post.

Last week we decided to start E on cloth diapers.  (I know what you might be thinking, and really, the poop isn't that bad. They have awesome liners that make it a lot easier to get rid of it! And it's not like I have to scrub the diapers at the creek anymore; my washing machine does all the cleaning.) Any way, so one site I came across was Lil  The creators of this product have an awesome sense of humor! Reading the description of the Organic Bamboo Diaper I found this:
"Remember the time that your kid removed his disposable diaper and went to town on your tempurpedic mattress. That wasn’t a freak accident. You have a lil tree-hugger for a baby." 
Continuing to read, it just gets better! In their FAQs, the first question is "Why should I choose cloth diapers as compared to disposables?" The response is written as if it was a real person talking to you.  You should just check it out here.

I decided to finally purchase a couple Lil Helper cloth diapers. They're a small company, and as Mohammed explained to me later, "we are a young company and what we lack in size, we make up in vigor and enthusiasm."  I decided to start with them for the following reasons:
  • They have an awesome starter kit that gives you one of each kind so that you can try them all out and see which one you like the most. 
  • For every 3 diapers you buy, they donate 1 to a family in need. 
  • The diapers are less expensive (not cheaper as they explain here)
  • They're from Toronto.
  • They're real people with names and families, Nader and Mohammed. And they're funny!
Since I needed to see and touch the diapers before I bought them I went to Diaper-eez at 3290 Bloor Street West (at Windemere).  I ran home, washed them, prepped them and tried them out the next day. They were awesome! Lots of snaps to make sure they fit our big boy, and the inserts were really absorbant. 

The following day I was talking to my mother-in-law on Skype and I was showing her how awesome they were and when I pulled apart one the snaps, it tore out of the diaper!! I was pretty shocked considering it just tore right through the material.  So I jumped online and checked out the Lil Helper website ( to see what their return or exchange policy was.  I sent them an email and got a response a few short hours later.  Nader told me that he would absolutely send out a replacement right away. GREAT! So I was expecting to get it on Tuesday or Wednesday, thinking that they would ship it on Monday. 

The next night we were out for dinner and I just happened to see that I got an email from Nader letting me know that he had come by to drop off the replacement, but that I forgot to give him my unit number.  He came to hand deliver it!!! How awesome is that!??! I shot him back a response and let him know that which unit we were. The response I received from Nader told me that he'd leave it at our door and not only did he replace the cover, but also gave us a second one AND some awesome bamboo wipes too!! AMAZING!!! (I later found out that they hand deliver all orders within the GTA within 24 hours!)

We've had some great success with these diapers and we're gonna get more for sure!!

I have not received any payment for this review/post. I just want to share an amazing experience with an awesome company.

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